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Western Medication - The Painted World 7"

Western Medication - The Painted World 7"


Debut 7" from Nashville's Western Medication


1. The Painted World
2. Big City
3. Problems In DC
4. 50 Ft. Dive

pressing info:

200 mixed marble
100 teal

"...the unmistakeable sound of fist-pumping rock raging against the claustrophobic conditions of modern living." - SPIN Magazine

"A retro sound with fun and energy to spare; Western Medication’s newest EP, Painted World, is a burst of pure rock straight to your brain." - Stabcast

"One part Dead Kennedys, one part Joy Division, with just a dark splash of Bahaus, these southern rockers have mixed up a tasty concoction of the greatest tastes of post-punk. And with enough pure punk fury, fuzzy distortion, and reverb to shake the flask out of a squatter’s hand, tracks like “Big City” and “Problems in DC” give reason to believe that Western Medicine are here to stay." - Pittsburgh Music Magazine

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-painted-world-ep/id589892705

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